Prospecting Disadvantages Vs Passive Marketing

As Network Marketer, we all know what prospect is. You reach out to friends, family and strangers whether online or offline just to find out if they’re interested in buying your products, services or join your business opportunity.

They will even give you “proven” scripts to trick your warm market to see your presentation that I didn’t feel good doing.


“I just started a new business which I’m really excited about and I’d like to get your opinion on it.

I want to come by with the guy who’s training to me to show you all the details. When would be a good time Friday or Saturday?”

Even though it works to getting them to say YES to an appointment.

However… this is so WRONG

First of all…

You tricked them into saying YES, because it’s not really their opinion you want, you want them to join your business or buy your products

If you’ve made up your mind about pursuing a business opportunity, why would you need someone else “opinion” on it?

This is kind of a shady strategy to get people to sit through a presentation, and it’s one of the reasons why network marketing has a bad rap.

And why some shake their head and roll their eyes when they hear of it.

If the idea of trying to fool people to even look at your biz turns you off, I’ve got a better strategy for you.

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The leaders in your company probably told you it’s a number game, just talk to more people but they didn’t tell you the disadvantages of prospecting which is hurting most distributors today.

There’s a huge disadvantage when it comes to prospecting

The issue with prospecting

  • It’s very time-consuming. Approaching people at the shopping mall, grocery store, book store etc.
  • It’s Unpredictable
  • Comes with a ton of rejection which can be very discouraging
  • No Leverage

I love connecting with people face-to face but the problem is, you could only prospect so many people in one day.

It’s basically trading your time for dollars.

If you don’t prospect, No one will take a look at your business

You may be thinking to yourself, so how can I get to share my business when I’m not there?

let’s talk about passive marketing and why you also want to apply it in your business.

The benefits of Passive Marketing

  • It works for you 24/7
  • Does not require a lot of time,
  • It’s Rejection-FREE
  • You only talk to prospects who are interested in your offer 
  • Leverage

It’s like residual income. You do the work once, and it keep on working continuously without any extra work, unless you stop it

How can you apply passive marketing in your business?

You can use passive marketing by creating valuable content to serve your audience, solving their biggest pains and struggles.

It could be a blog post, a short video, post it on YouTube or on your social media platform to generate exposure and guess what?

It works for you while you’re sleeping!

I could be sleeping right now or out having fun and you’re reading this blog post, that’s the power of Leverage especially videos and content marketing.

So, if you love to prospect, that’s fine. That should be the gravy

If you want reach MORE people, generate more leads and get more sales in less time, and have freedom while your business is growing, then you definitely want to apply passive marketing in your business

The the great thing is, you don’t have awkward conversations with strangers, people reach out to you instead of you having to reach out to them when prospecting one on one and it has a lot of leverage.

If the idea of trying to fool people to even look at your biz turns you off

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Elroy Whyte

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