effective email marketing

E-mail Marketing Tips – 4 Tips When emailing your leads.

Emails should convince readers to take some sort of action, whether it is to sign up for special offers, attend to a LIVE event or to respond to your specific information. Today, I’m going to share 4 tips to kind in mind when e-mailing your leads. 1) Keep it short and simple Most people find…

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Attraction marketing

What is Attraction Marketing: Why You Should Apply It In Your Business

You may be thinking why should you want to consider doing attraction marketing in your business and not the way of traditional marketing . Traditionally, if people wish to sell products to the public, they wanted to go out and find people to sell to. This could be spending hours of cold calling or hitting…

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recruiting tips

MLM Prospecting Tips – Turn Facebook Pitches Into New Prospects..

Many times I get random messages from strangers on Facebook with links to join their business opportunity or buy their products.. I don’t blame them because most people join a network marketing business with no experience and were not taught how to approach people professionally to find out if a person is a right fit…

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people do to succeed

5 Things People Do To succeed in business..

5 Things people do to succeed in their business There’s a difference between people who succeed and people who fail.. There are several things that successful people do to achieve success in their business… Today I am going to share 5 things I learned on a training by Mark Harbert that you need to have…

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3 Step Strategy to turn leads into sign ups on Social Media..

Ever wanted to know to build your brand online to generate leads and sign ups in your business? Most marketers come online, they never been trained how to market and do it the wrong by chasing people, posting their opportunity all over social media. I was guilty of that, too… Stick with me while I…

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video tips

Video Marketing – 3 Tips to Make Videos That Attract Customers

Today, I am going to share 3 Tips to Make Videos That Attract Customers.. Video Marketing – Tip #1 You have to choose topics that revolve around your ideal customer’s PAIN & then give them some helpful tips on the topic. Random chats into the camera won’t cut it. Take a minute to think about…

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how to prospect

MLM Prospecting Tips – 4 Simple Steps How to Prospect Effectively

Are you pitching every person you approach to join your business opportunity and not getting any results? I am going to share with you a simple 4 step formula how to prospect every person you come in contact with and it is called F.O.R.M. When you meet people for the very first time, you don’t…

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brand yourself

3 Reasons To Brand Yourself & Not your Company

Are you branding your company logos and/or spamming your links all over your social media platforms? If you are, this could be hurting you.  I am going to share 3 reasons why you should brand yourself and NOT your company. 1) People Join People NOT A company If you know a friend who is promoting…

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Defining Your Customer Avatar.

A customer avatar is simply a detailed profile of an individual with a name, a face, with specific demographics who will most likely to buy from you continuously or join your team. It is very important to figure who that person is which will be your target before you start marketing your products, services or…

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How to overcome the fear of making videos

Are you afraid of making videos? It’s okay, I know exactly how you feel because I was too!! I am going to share 5 tips to help you start creating videos and crush the fears that are holding you back. Just be yourself – People will like or dislike you for who you are, therefore it’s…

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